The Magic of Matcha

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. The stone ground green tea has been traditionally used in Japanese tea brewing ceremonies for thousands of years.

Why Matcha?

In recent years, Matcha has significantly risen in popularity, and rightfully so. The drink has a unique, sweet, earthy taste and with its vibrant green colour, Matcha most defiantly stands out from the crowd.

Unlike other green teas, Matcha is made from the entire green tea leaf. This results in a greater number of antioxidants and caffeine, in fact, Matcha is 3 times higher in these than any other green tea leaves.

Adding Matcha capsules into your diet you will significantly increase your antioxidant intake. The antioxidants help combat the negative effects of radiation by stabilizing harmful free radicals (waves from microwaves, mobile phones etc). This helps protect against cell damage and can help lower the risk of several chronic diseases.

Matcha also contains a great amount of concentrated caffeine. There have been links discovered between caffeine consumption and improved cognitive performance. It is ideal for improving concentration and memory. Due to the L-theanine found in the caffeine, Matcha delivers a smooth energy boost, minus any jitters, which often occur following coffee consumption.

Matcha has also been shown to help protect the liver and kidneys and help lower the risk of liver disease.

How Matcha is made and why it matters

The production of Matcha is a very specific process. Before being picked, the Matcha leaves are shaded from the sun. Forcing the plant to grow in low light conditions causes the plant to ‘panic’, thus producing high levels of chlorophyll. The shading also prevents the theanine from breaking down.

At their peak time, only the finest leaves are picked and steamed. This stops the oxidation process from happening and preserves the nutrients.

The Matcha leaves are then dried and de-veined by hand. The ‘de-veining stage’ is very important in the production of Matcha, as it guarantees the final Matcha powder will be as smooth in texture as possible. Many other green teas are not de-veined, resulting in a ‘grittier’ texture.

Then, the leaves are slowly stone ground into microfine Matcha powder. This process happens very slowly= and at a low temperature, as so to not disrupt Matcha’s precious contents, colour or flavour.

Matcha is made with love, care and patience. No wonder why it is the heart of the Japanese way of tea.

Why you should try NaturaVits Matcha Capsules

There is a wide variety of ways to incorporate Matcha to your diet, from bright green lattes to Matcha brownies! However, due to the time-consuming production of high quality Matcha, it can also be quite expensive!

As healthy and delicious adding Matcha to your diet can be, you are only consuming a small amount of its benefits. In order for you to experience Matcha’s maximum potential, we at NaturaVits have designed vegan, high potency, easy to consume capsules.

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