How to Survive Eating Out as a Vegan

Plan A. Do your research Although the number of restaurants introducing vegan options as part of their menu, is rapidly growing, it’s best to do some research in advance. That way, you can be prepared for last-minute lunch plans and spontaneous brunches. You can suggest a place that caters for everyone, ensuring no one has to miss out.

Plan B. Chain restaurants However, we know that life isn’t perfect, and you can’t always plan ahead. So, our useful advice is that most chain restaurants (Wagamama’s, Zizzi, Wetherspoons etc) do offer delicious vegan options.

Plan C. Side Dishes If the restaurant has no vegan options available, why not get creative, and mix and match some side dishes? You can build your own vegan meal based on mixed veggies, rice, bread, soup, salads etc.

Plan D. Watch out for hidden ingredients If you are unsure about your vegan meal, check that there are no hidden ingredients. For example, your vegan potatoes may have been cooked in goose fat, or your veggies topped with butter.

Plan E. Suggest some ideas If the restaurant has no vegan options or their vegan range is very limited, politely suggest some ideas! You never know, they may take your ideas onboard for the future.


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